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Here you will find the Poem The Battle of Life of poet Charles Harpur

The Battle of Life

Never give up, though life be a battle
Wherein true men may fail, and true causes be sold;
Yet, on the whole, however may rattle
The thunders of chance, scaring cowards like cattle?
Clear victory?s always the bride of the bold.
Armed in your right-though friendship deny you,
And love fall away when the storm?s at the worst,
Count not your loss, Was destined to try you?
Bear the brunt like a man, and your deeds shall ally you
To natures more noble and true than the first.

Rail not at Fate: if rightly you scan her,
There?s none loves more strongly the heart that endures:
On, in the hero?s calm resolute manner,
Still bear aloft your hope?s long-trusted banner,
And the day, if you do but live through it, is yours.

Be this your faith; and if killing strokes clatter
On your harness where true men before you have died,
Fight on, let your life-blood be poured out like water?
Fight on, make at least a brave end of the matter,
Brave end of the struggle if nothing beside


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