Poem At Applewaite, Near Keswick 1804

  • Poet Name : William Wordsworth
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  • Poem Title : At Applewaite, Near Keswick 1804
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Here you will find the Poem At Applewaite, Near Keswick 1804 of poet William Wordsworth

At Applewaite, Near Keswick 1804

BEAUMONT! it was thy wish that I should rear
A seemly Cottage in this sunny Dell,
On favoured ground, thy gift, where I might dwell
In neighbourhood with One to me most dear,
That undivided we from year to year
Might work in our high Calling-a bright hope
To which our fancies, mingling, gave free scope
Till checked by some necessities severe.
And should these slacken, honoured BEAUMONT! still
Even then we may perhaps in vain implore
Leave of our fate thy wishes to fulfil.
Whether this boon be granted us or not,
Old Skiddaw will look down upon the Spot
With pride, the Muses love it evermore.


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