16th December, 2012
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Analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost – watch video

Here you will will find a good analysis of the famous poem “The Road Not taken by Robert Frost” explained in a Video..  

02nd December, 2012
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On honey and disappointment. A poem by to Gwendolyn Brooks

She’s a woman. She’s black. Moreover, she’s a poet. What else could destiny give as other blessing&pain to a person? It would be nice to ask this question to Gwendolyn Brooks, an African American poet born in Kansas and grown up in the Chicago of the early decades of 20th Century. She was shy and Keep Reading

A trip to expiate the unwritten and the untold. The experience of Seamus Heaney

The world of poetry is generally not so generous with its members. As already wrote, sometimes it neglects women, but the most neglected kind of authors are the alive ones. And those who o not necessarily write about the shakespearian despised love. The reason of this seems to be historically unknown, but an observer of Keep Reading

Unnoticed and necessary. Like the air.
Nightly wishes by Margaret Atwood.

She’s one of the most popular living writer and poets. Mostly known for her novels, this Canadian author is often referred to, for her work often labeled as “feminist” , like in the case of “The edible woman”. Actually she is an attentive analyser of today’s society. From the consuming attitude of the West, to Keep Reading

26th November, 2012
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Love, faith, truth. The eternal search. A poem by William Butler Yeats

There are poems that inspired music and composers. Not a surprise, since music is but a noble extension of poetry itself. But there are particulary poems or collections that had a special fortune with particular composers and singers. In Europe, we can mention the music version of Victor Hugo’s Gastibelza and Paul Verlaine’s Colombine, made Keep Reading

O Captain , my captain! The travel of a poem, from Lincoln, to a movie up to the present America

“Captain , oh my captain! “At least 3 generations have bumped into this quotation, reminding first of all (not for all) the famous movie “The dead poets society” by Peter Weir. Our memory goes to the image of Todd (starred by Ethan Hawke) standing on the school desk and screaming loud the beginning verse of Keep Reading

Gender poetry. An appropriate definition? The example of Aphra Behn

What is the gender poetry? Though the definition of it seems to be quite clear on a scholar point of view, we have to say nowadays it may escape to common sense. The definition of “gender poetry” mainly identifies the female poetry, intended as a way of writing based on a particular sensibility and gender Keep Reading

Derek Walcott and the sublime sense of life, despite of desire to die – Analysis

The ancient sense of sublime, revives in the poem “After the storm” by Derek Walcott. Something always unreachable by the human reason pervades the poem from the very first line. There are so many islands! As many islands as the stars at night on that branched tree from which meteors are shaken like falling fruit Keep Reading

Ode to the power of distruction, as the only opportunity for mankind

Try to imagine a man who really believes in free love. Let’s imagine someone who’s so distant from accepting the bourgeois moral and social rules to be kicked off from schools and academies. He’s so far away from the conventional idea of possession and goods, that he shares a house and wife with a friend. Keep Reading

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