John Seeburger


  • Primary Skill Poet-Ballade
  • Other Skills Poet-Classical
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  • Language German, English
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I am a Poet and a Lyricist living in Germany

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I started writing when I was in high school — under the influence of my mother's college poetry textbook — but for a long time my poems inclined either to the jingly sententious. Perhaps ironically, I think I began to find my own voice while I was studying Modern Poetry in grad school. Yeats and Eliot were among the first poets I'd encountered as a kid, and ranked high among the poets who most moved me in high school and in college. For me, returning to their intense music with a more mature understanding revealed how sound and image and emotion and intellect can fuse together.

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Featured Artist

John Seeburger
German Poet

Written Many Poetry in German
Participated in Poets day in Germany
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