Dhal Bahadur Jirel


  • Primary Skill Poet-Haiku,Ghazal
  • Other Skills Singer-Gazal,Romantic
  • Address ravithepoet@hotmail.com
  • Language Urdu, Nepali, Hindi, English, Arabic

Name: DB Jirel "Ravi"
Nationality: Nepali
Religion: Rationalism
Education: MA (ongoing) Eng
Profession: Teaching
Job Experience: 24 years
Hobby: Writing and travelling
Publication: Poems, ghazals, lyrics, short fictions published in different literary magazines
Books to be Published: Nepali Haiku Collection, Nepali Ghazal Collection, Collection of Short Fictions, Essay Collection and English Ghazal Collection

I am a keen literary person. I love writing and reading.

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I am a poet. I started
my carrier as I was age of 14. I do write poems in various languages.

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