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Inscription In The Pit Infant Joy
It was wrong to do this, said th Imitation Of Tibullus In Ithica
In Memory Of John Butler Yeats Impromptu I wantit pleadedAll its life
If I should die tonight It was wrong to do this, said th III. The Dead
I. Peace IV. The Dead In Praise of Songs that Die
If I should die If this is fading I would distil a cup
It's such a little thing to weep I stole them from a Bee I Have a Fire for You in my Mout
Is it true, dear Sue? It can't be Summer! It can't be
I Came to buy a smiletoday It's all I have to bring today If recollecting were forgetting
I had the Glorythat will do I payin Satin Cash If What we could—were what
I robbed the Woods I read my sentencesteadily If she had been the Mistletoe
I showed her Heights she never s It was given to me by the Gods I keep my pledge
If I should die I've seen a Dying Eye I'll send the feather from my Ha
If Blame be my sideforfeit Me I could not drink it, Sweet I hide myself within my flower
If it had no pencil Ideals are the Fairly Oil In White
In the Days of the Golden Rod Ideal Inferential
Irony In Horto Rev. J. Still, Inscription under the Picture of
Influence Immortality In The Harbour: A Fragment
Invisible Work Internal Firesides Inconstancy
Invocation Inscription for the Ceiling of a In Memoriam : Francis Archibald
In Memoriam A. H. H.: 83. Dip do Indra Impending Doom
In ocean waves there's melody... If I were to Own In the Train
Infanta Inscription On A Fountain Inscriptions on a Sun-Dial
In The Harbour: Four By The Cloc In A Garden Irish Poets: Oliver Goldsmith

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