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I Wish I Had A Quiet Tomb I Am He That Aches With Love I would distil a cup
It's such a little thing to weep I stole them from a Bee I payin Satin Cash
If What we could—were what If Blame be my sideforfeit Me I could not drink it, Sweet
I hide myself within my flower Ideals are the Fairly Oil Investment Policy
Impromtu On Ogareva Introduction A Glimpse of Boyhoo Inferno (English)
Inscribenda Luparae Ianthe Inside And Outside
I ask of thee, love, nothing but It's Raining In Love I Have But One Rose In The World
I have no complaint I have three loves who are all m I Hear a River Thro' the Valley
I Know Not How, But As I Count I Know You Little, I Love You Lo I like to wash
In the Night I Love To Be Warm By The Red Fir I Must Go Down To The Sea Again
I Made A Mistake I Sang I See so Deeply Within Myself
I stood upon a high place I Strove with None I took my lyre and said
I took my lyre I was in the darkness; I Yearn For A Tranquil Moment
I'd Like - I'd love to have you on a rainy I'm a wanderer
I'm going out If All Were Rain And Never Sun If I Had A Brontosaurus
If I should cast off this tatter If I Were A Queen If there is a witness to my litt
In a mountain village In Wartime In India's Dreamy Land
It Is The Printer's Fault In spring rain In The Dead Of Night
In the spring twilight In the thicket's shade In these latter-day
In this world In Horologium It is the Muses
It is with awe It once happened I Shall Not Die
In Defiance of Fortune In Fervent Praise Of Picnics Inscription For A Stone Erected
In a Back Alley In a Station of the Metro In David's
In a Poem In September Ice

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