Alan Dugan

Here you will find the Poem On Being A Householder of poet Alan Dugan

On Being A Householder

I live inside of a machine 
or machines. Every time one 
goes off another starts. Why 
don?t I go outside and sleep 
on the ground. It is because 
I?m scared of the open night 
and stars looking down at me 
as God?s eyes, full of questions; 
and when I do sleep out alone 
I wake up soaking wet 
with the dew-fall and am 
being snuffed at by a female fox 
who stinks from being skunked. 
Also there are carrion insects 
climbing my private parts. Therefore 
I would find shelter in houses, 
rented or owned. Anything that money 
can build or buy is better than 
the nothing of the sky at night, 
the stars being the visible past.