Anonymous Americas

Here you will find the Poem At Liberty I Sit and See of poet Anonymous Americas

At Liberty I Sit and See

At liberty I sit and see
 Them, that have erst laugh'd me to scorn,
 Whipp'd with the whip that scourged me:
 And now they ban that they were born.

 I see them sit full soberly
 And think their earnest looks to hide;
 Now, in themselves, they cannot spy
 That they or this in me have spied.

 I see them sitting all alone,
 Marking the steps, each word and look;
 And now they tread where I have gone,
 The painful path that I forsook.

 Now I see well I saw no whit
 When they saw well, that now are blind;
 But happy hap hath made me quit,
 And just judgement hath them assign'd.

 I see them wander all alone,
 And tread full fast, in dreadful doubt,
 The self-same path that I have gone:
 Blessed be hap that brought me out!

 At liberty all this I see,
 And say no word but erst among,
 Smiling at them that laugh'd at me:
 Lo, such is hap! Mark well my song!