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Here you will find the Poem True Love of poet Anonymous English

True Love


Love is a word

Until someone comes along

And gives it a meaning.


Love is something

That should last forever

Until a sudden fall that breaks it all.


Love is a privilege

Not a right

So don't take advantage of it.


Love is something

Every man wishes for

If only a woman's eyes could see that.


Love can make you fall hard

If it's someone that is special

That gives you that feeling of never letting go.


Love is the definition of Disheveled

For with Love

Brings you many difficulties to make you a better person.


Love can be at the most unexpected time

With the most unexpected person  

But in the end that Love was meant to be.


Love never fails

Love never gives up

Love will never run out.


True Love

Is facing the problems together

And not alone and staying by each other’s side.