Anonymous Olde English

Here you will find the Poem Epitaph Found In Otham Church, Kent of poet Anonymous Olde English

Epitaph Found In Otham Church, Kent

In God is all my trust.
Here lyeth the body of Thomas Hendley, esquier by degre,
The yongest sone of Jervis Hendley, of Corsworne in Cramkebrocke, Gent'man known to be,
Who gave a house, and also land, the Fifteene for to paye,
And to relieve the people pore of this parishe for aye
He died the day of from Him that Judas sold
A thousand five hundredth and ninety yere, being eightie nine yeres ould,
Protesting often before his death, when he his faith declared,
That onlye by the death of Christ he hope to be saved. (Query, spared!)
Christ is oure only Saviour.