Here you will find the Poem A Hymn to the Virgin of poet Anonymous

A Hymn to the Virgin

OF on that is so fayr and bright 
   Velut maris stella, 
Brighter than the day is light, 
   Parens et puella: 
Ic crie to the, thou see to me, 
Levedy, preye thi Sone for me, 
   Tam pia, 
That ic mote come to thee 

Al this world was for-lore 
   Eva peccatrice, 
Tyl our Lord was y-bore 
   De te genetrice. 
With ave it went away 
Thuster nyth and comz the day 
The welle springeth ut of the, 

Levedy, flour of alle thing, 
   Rose sine spina, 
Thu bere Jhesu, hevene king, 
   Gratia divina: 
Of alle thu ber'st the pris, 
Levedy, quene of paradys 
Mayde milde, moder es