Biography Archibald Thomas Strong

Archibald Thomas Strong

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  • Time Period1876 - 1930
  • Place
  • CountryAustralia

Poet Biography

Sir Archibald Strong was the son of Professor H.A. Strong (Professor of Latin 1884-1909), and studied Classics at University College, Liverpool, 1893-96.

Archibald T. Strong was a scholar, a writer whose most successful essay in verse is a translation of the ballades of de Banville. His sonnets are excellent whenever he has waited for the impulse that comes unbidden; but when, as in some of the Empire Sonnets, he has attempted to force his muse into compliance, an occasional stiffness of utterance betrays the fact.

Strong, who had the reputation as Australia’s most widely read and cultured person, had produced an acclaimed translation of Beowulf in 1925 and had published his own poetry on Australian themes.