Arthur Symons

Here you will find the Poem Javanese Dancers of poet Arthur Symons

Javanese Dancers

Twitched strings, the clang of metal, beaten drums, 
Dull, shrill, continuous, disquieting: 
And now the stealthy dancer comes 
Undulantly with cat-like steps that cling; 

Smiling between her painted lids a smile, 
Motionless, unintelligible, she twines 
Her fingers into mazy lines, 
The scarves across her fingers twine the while. 

One, two, three, four glide forth, and, to and fro, 
Delicately and imperceptibly, 
Now swaying gently in a row, 
Now interthreading slow and rhythmically, 

Still, with fixed eyes, monotonously still, 
Mysteriously, with smiles inanimate, 
With lingering feet that undulate, 
With sinuous fingers, spectral hands that thrill 

In measure while the gnats of music whirr, 
The little amber-coloured dancers move, 
Like painted idols seen to stir 
By the idolators in a magic grove.