Augusta Davies Webster

Here you will find the Poem Love's Mourner of poet Augusta Davies Webster

Love's Mourner

'Tis men who say that through all hurt and pain 
The woman's love, wife's, mother's, still will hold, 
And breathes the sweeter and will more unfold 
For winds that tear it, and the sorrowful rain. 
So in a thousand voices has the strain 
Of this dear patient madness been retold, 
That men call woman's love. Ah! they are bold, 
Naming for love that grief which does remain. 

Love faints that looks on baseness face to face: 
Love pardons all; but by the pardonings dies, 
With a fresh wound of each pierced through the breast. 
And there stand pityingly in Love's void place 
Kindness of household wont familiar-wise, 
And faith to Love--faith to our dead at rest.