Bill Knott

Here you will find the Poem The Misunderstanding of poet Bill Knott

The Misunderstanding

I'm charmed yet chagrined by this misunderstanding-- 
As when, after a riot, my city's smashed-in stores appear all
Boarded up, billboarded over, with ads for wind-insurance. 
Similarly, swimmingly, I miss the point. You too?

And my misunderstanding doesn't stop there, it grows--soon
I can't see why that sudden influx of fugitives,
All the world's escapees, rubbing themselves lasciviously against the
Berlin Wall.
They stick like placards to it. Like napalm. Like ads for--

And me, I haven't even bought my biodegradable genitalia yet! 
No. I was born slow, but picking up speed I run through 
Our burnt-out streets, screaming, refusing to buy a house. 
Finally, exasperated, the misunderstanding overtakes me, snatches

Handcuffs. So now here I am, found with all you others
Impatiently craning, in this queue that rumors out of sight up ahead
Clutching our cash eager to purchase whatever it is, nervous
As if bombs were about to practice land-reform upon our bodies,

Redistribution of eyes, toes, arms, here we stand. Then, some new
Age starts.