Bjornstjerne Bjornson

Here you will find the Poem Love Song of poet Bjornstjerne Bjornson

Love Song

Have you love for me,
Yours my love shall be,
 While the days of life are flowing.
Short was summer's stay,
Grass now pales away,
 With our play will come regrowing.

What you said last year
Sounds yet in my ear,--
 Birdlike at the window sitting,
Tapping, trilling there,
Singing, in would bear
 Joy the warmth of sun befitting.

Do you hear me too,
 Youth behind the birch-trees biding?
Now the words I send,
Darkness will attend,
 May be you can give them guiding.

Take it not amiss!
Sang I of a kiss?
 No, I surely never planned it.
Did you hear it, you?
Give no heed thereto,
 Haste I make to countermand it.

Oh, good-night, good-night
Dreams enfold me bright
 Of your eyes' persuasive mildness.
Many a silent word
From their corners heard,--
 Breaking forth with gentle wildness.

Now my song is still;
Is there more you will?
 All the tones, to me returning,
Laughing, luring, soar;
Did you wish me more?
 Still and warm the night is yearning.