Carl Sandburg

Here you will find the Poem Blue Island Intersection of poet Carl Sandburg

Blue Island Intersection

Six streets come together here. 
They feed people and wagons into the center. 
In and out all day horses with thoughts of nose-bags, 
Men with shovels, women with baskets and baby-buggies. 
Six ends of streets and no sleep for them all day. 
The people and wagons come and go, out and in. 
Triangles of banks and drug stores watch. 
The policemen whistle, the trolly cars bump: 
Wheels, wheels, feet, feet, all day.

In the false dawn when the chickens blink 
And the east shakes a lazy baby toe at tomorrow, 
And the east fixes a lazy pink half-eye this way, 
In the time when only one milk wagon crosses 
These three streets, these six street ends, 
It is the sleep time and they rest. 
The triangle banks and the drug stores rest. 
The policeman is gone, his star and gun sleep. 
The owl car blutters along in a sleep walk.