Carl Sandburg

Here you will find the Poem Personality of poet Carl Sandburg


Musings of a Police Reporter in the Identification Bureau

You have loved forty women, but you have only one thumb.
You have led a hundred secret lives, but you mark only
 one thumb.
You go round the world and fight in a thousand wars and
 win all the world's honors, but when you come back
 home the print of the one thumb your mother gave
 you is the same print of thumb you had in the old
 home when your mother kissed you and said good-by.
Out of the whirling womb of time come millions of men
and their feet crowd the earth and they cut one anothers'
 throats for room to stand and among them all
 are not two thumbs alike.
Somewhere is a Great God of Thumbs who can tell the
 inside story of this.