Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Here you will find the Poem Mary of poet Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton


YES, we were happy once, and care 
My jocund heart could ne'er surprise; 
My treasures were, her golden hair, 
Her ruby lips, her brilliant eyes. 
My treasures were--alas! depart 
Ye visions of what used to be! 
Cursed be the heart--the cruel heart-- 
That stole my Mary's love from me. 

Dark are my joyless days--and thou-- 
Dost thou too dream, and dreaming weep? 
Or, careless of thy broken vow, 
Unholy revels dost thou keep? 
No, Mary, no,--we loved too well, 
Such deep oblivion cannot be; 
Cursed be the lips, where guile could dwell, 
To lure thy love away from me! 

It cannot be!--ah! haply, while 
With wild reproach I greet thy name, 
Thy ruby lip hath ceased to smile-- 
Thy happy head is bowed with shame! 
Haply, with haggard want opprest, 
Thou weepest where no eye may see; 
Cursed be the spoiler's cruel breast-- 
But, oh! my Mary--heaven shield thee!