Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet IV of poet Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Sonnet IV

BE frank with me, and I accept my lot; 
But deal not with me as a grieving child, 
Who for the loss of that which he hath not 
Is by a show of kindness thus beguiled. 
Raise not for me, from its enshrouded tomb, 
The ghostly likeness of a hope deceased; 
Nor think to cheat the darkness of my doom 
By wavering doubts how far thou art released: 
This dressing Pity in the garb of Love,-- 
This effort of the heart to seem the same,-- 
These sighs and lingerings, (which nothing prove 
But that thou leav'st me with a kind of shame,)-- 
Remind me more, by their most vain deceit, 
Of the dear loss of all which thou dost counterfeit.