Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet V of poet Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Sonnet V

BECAUSE I know that there is that in me 
Of which thou shouldst be proud, and not ashamed,-- 
Because I feel one made thy choice should be 
Not even by fools and slanderers rashly blamed,-- 
Because I fear, howe'er thy soul may strive 
Against the weakness of that inward pain, 
The falsehoods which my enemies contrive 
Not always seek to wound thine ear in vain,-- 
Therefore I sometimes weep, when I should smile, 
At all the vain frivolity and sin 
Which those who know me not (yet me revile)-- 
My would-be judges--cast my actions in; 
But else their malice hath nor sting nor smart-- 
For I appeal from them, Beloved, to thine own heart!