Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet VI of poet Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Sonnet VI

WHERE the red wine-cup floweth, there art thou! 
Where luxury curtains out the evening sky;-- 
Triumphant Mirth sits flush'd upon thy brow, 
And ready laughter lurks within thine eye. 
Where the long day declineth, lone I sit, 
In idle thought, my listless hands entwined, 
And, faintly smiling at remember'd wit, 
Act the scene over to my musing mind. 
In my lone dreams I hear thy eloquent voice, 
I see the pleased attention of the throng, 
And bid my spirit in thy joy rejoice, 
Lest in love's selshness I do thee wrong. 
Ah! midst that proud and mirthful company 
Send'st thou no wandering thought to love and me?