Charles G. D. Roberts

Here you will find the Poem The Clearing of poet Charles G. D. Roberts

The Clearing

Stumps, and harsh rocks, and prostrate trunks all charred,
 And gnarled roots naked to the sun and rain,--
 They seem in their grim stillness to complain,
And be their paint the evening peace is jarred.
These ragged acres fire and the axe have scarred,
 And many summers not assuaged their pain.
 In vain the pink and saffron light, in vain
The pale dew on the hillocks stripped and marred!

But here and there the waste is touched with cheer
 Where spreads the fire-weed like a crimson flood
And venturous plumes of golden-rod appear;
 And round the blackened fence the great boughs lean 
With comfort; and across the solitude
 The hermit's holy transport peals serene.