Charles Harper Webb

Here you will find the Poem Post-Vacation Tristesse of poet Charles Harper Webb

Post-Vacation Tristesse

The Jumbo Jet has barely shuddered off 
The ground, and I'm depressed. My scuba mask 
And fins, my fly rod and beach hat 

Crush each other in an overhead locker 
Dark as the bedroom closet they're returning to. 
Already the week's good times melt 

Together like caramels in a hot car. 
My vow to "Do this more often!" recedes 
With the jade palms and sun-stroked beaches 

I can barely see through my scratched window 
As the pilot thanks us for "flying 
United," and climbs through ectoplasmic 

Clouds into the jet stream that circles 
Earth's head like a tedious tune, 
And like a kick in the rear, hustles us 

Homeward through a sky which, though it looks
blue enough to house heaven, is colorless
As life without you, and just goes on and on.