Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem A Dream of the Orient of poet Charles Harpur

A Dream of the Orient

With a resplendent Eastern bride, 
Like a houri at my side, 
 And music round us swelling, 
?Mid odours of so rare a steam 
That like a breath of love they seem, 
Dwell I through a radiant dream 
 In an orient dwelling. 
Near a fair fountain flashing high 
In the pleasure court we lie, 
 Each on a gorgeous pillow; 
The columned water mounting breaks 
In outward curves and falling flakes, 
Till the whole a picture makes 
 Of a crystal willow. 

Wide round us galleried walls extend, 
Pierced with arcs and aisles that bend 
 On wreathen pillars slender; 
While hung in every vista?lo! 
Such clouds of blazoned banners glow 
As in very semblance show 
 A constant sunset splendour. 

And virgin faces, darkly bright 
Like the countenance of night 
 Seen in its starry glory, 
All ministrant, around us throng, 
And breathe their pathos into song, 
Or in tones as rich prolong 
 Some wild melodious story. 

Till, hark! Through many voices, one 
Like a gush of gold doth run? 
 ?Why, why should kindred sever? 
Our life is this perpetual feast 
Of being, from all care released? 
Sunny souls are for the East; 
 Then dwell with us for ever.?