Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem A Similitude of poet Charles Harpur

A Similitude

FAIR as the night?when all the astral fires 
 Of heaven are burning in the clear expanse, 
 My love is; and her eyes like star-depths glance 
Lustrous with glowing thoughts and pure desires, 
And that mysterious pathos which inspires 
 All moods divine in mortal passion?s trance? 
 All that its earthly music doth enhance 
As with the rapture of seraphic lyres! 
I gaze upon her till the atmosphere 
 Sweetens intensely, and to my charmed sight 
All fair associated forms appear 
 Swimming in joy, as swim yon orbs in light? 
And all sweet sounds, though common to mine ear, 
 Chime up like silver-wingèd dreams in flight.