Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem John Heki of poet Charles Harpur

John Heki

Should Switzerland?s rude rocks be held the throne 
 Of freedom (sanctioned there by God to quell 
All proud invaders, Gessler-like o?erthrown!) 
 Because the echoes in their caves that dwell 
 Once leaped exultant at the shout of Tell? 
And thine, New Zealand, yet be left unknown 
To glory, now that thy dark chief hath sown 
 Broad over them a like memorial spell? 
Should Wallace be a word time ne?er may lose? 
 And Hofer (he who for his mountains died 
Rather than see the spoiler there abuse 
 Freedom?s rock-alter!) Be a sound of pride 
 Yet Heki?s name remain unglorified 
In the grand lore of the heroic muse