Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem The Home of Peace of poet Charles Harpur

The Home of Peace

Trust and treachery, wisdom, folly, 
Madness, mirth and melancholy, 
Love and hatred, thrift and pillage, 
All are housed in every village. 
And in such a world?s mixed being, 
Where may peace, from ruin fleeing, 
Find fit shelter and inherit 
All the calm of her own merit? 

In a bark of gentle motion 
Sailing on the summer ocean? 
There worst war the tempest wages, 
And the hungry whirlpool rages. 

In some lonely new-world bower 
Hidden like a forest flower? 
There, too, there, to fray the stranger 
Stalks the wild-eyed savage, danger! 

In some Alpine cot, by fountains 
Flowing from snow-shining mountains? 
There the avalanches thunder, 
Crushing all that lieth under! 

In some hermit-tent, pitched lowly 
Mid the tombs of prophets holy? 
There to harry and annoy her 
Roams the infidel destroyer. 

In palatial chambers gilded, 
Guarded round with towers high-builded? 
Change may enter these to-morrow, 
And with change may enter sorrow. 

Find, O peace, thy home of beauty 
In the steadfast heart of duty, 
Dwelling ever there, and seeing 
God through every phase of being