Charles Thatcher

Here you will find the Poem Two Years Ago of poet Charles Thatcher

Two Years Ago

The light of other days burns dim, 
And in the shade is cast, 
You'll own I'm right, if you will just 
Look back upon the past; 
It's glories all are faded, 
And each of you must know 
That times ain't what they used to be 
About two years ago. 

Bendigo, you know, my lads, 
Was just then in its prime, 
And those who happened to be here 
Had a most glorious time; 
But now its sadly altered, 
And things are precious slow, 
And times ain't what they used to be 
About two years ago. 

They opened Golden Gully then, 
And we had many a lob, 
To see the place so cut up now, 
It really makes me sob: 
When'eer I pass the fav'rite spot 
It fills me full of woe, 
Ah! times ain't what they used to was 
About two years ago. 

Just now look at the difference, 
Ah! here's the dreadful rub, 
They're washing for two pennyweights 
To every blessed tub; 
At such a paltry sum as that, 
Why, all of us you know 
Would have laughed and turned our noses up 
About two years ago. 

Two years ago, my lads, we used 
To take our nuggets down, 
Sell the lot, and go and have 
A spree in Melbourne town; 
We rode about in two-horse cabs, 
And made the champagne flow, 
And ate bank notes in sandwiches 
About two years ago. 

A sweetheart, then, on either arm 
About the town we'd range, 
And buy the dear things cashmere shawls, 
And refuse to take the change; 
Then to dancers at the theatre 
Our nuggest we did throw, 
Those were the glorious times, no flies, 
About two years ago. 

And when we'd quite run out of cash 
We'd tramp back every mile, 
And go to work again and get 
Another tidy pile; 
I ask you, can we do it now? 
But, echo answers no; 
Ah! times ai'nt what they used to was 
About two years ago. 

But after all, my lads, what use 
Is there in vain regret, 
No doubt some stunning golden piece 
Of ground may turn up yet, 
Then keep up all your peckers, 
And let your spirits flow, 
The good time yet may come again, 
Just like two years ago.