Charlotte Smith

Here you will find the Poem Evening of poet Charlotte Smith


OH ! soothing hour, when glowing day, 
Low in the western wave declines, 
And village murmurs die away, 
And bright the vesper planet shines; 
I love to hear the gale of Even 
Breathing along the new-leaf'd copse, 
And feel the freshening dew of Heaven, 
Fall silently in limpid drops. 

For, like a friend's consoling sighs, 
That breeze of night to me appears; 
And, as soft dew from Pity's eyes, 
Descend those pure celestial tears. 
Alas ! for those who long have borne, 
Like me, a heart by sorrow riven, 
Who, but the plaintive winds, will mourn, 
What tears will fall, but those of Heaven ?