Christopher Morley

Here you will find the Poem The Intruder of poet Christopher Morley

The Intruder

AS I sat, to sift my dreaming 
To the meet and needed word, 
Came a merry Interruption 
With insistence to be heard.

Smiling stood a maid beside me, 
Half alluring and half shy; 
Soft the white hint of her bosom- 
Escapade was in her eye.

'I must not be so invaded,' 
(IN anger then I cried)- 
'Can't you see that I am busy? 
Tempting creature, stay outside!

'Pearly rascal, I am writing: 
I am now composing verse- 
Fie on antic invitation: 
Wanton, vanish-fly-disperse!

'Baggage, in my godlike moment 
What have I to do with thee?' 
And she laughed as she departed- 
'I am Poetry,' said she.