Dame Edith Sitwell

Here you will find the Poem The Dancers: (During A Great Battle, 1916) of poet Dame Edith Sitwell

The Dancers: (During A Great Battle, 1916)

The floors are slippery with blood:
The world gyrates too. God is good
That while His wind blows out the light
For those who hourly die for is ?
We still can dance each night.

The music has grown numb with death ?
But we will suck their dying breath,
The whispered name they breathed to chance,
To swell our music, make it loud
That we may dance, - may dance.

We are the dull blind carrion-fly
That dance and batten. Though God die
Mad from the horror of the light ?
The light is mad, too, flecked with blood, -
We dance, we dance, each night.