Daniil Ivanovich Kharms

Here you will find the Poem First Poem From The of poet Daniil Ivanovich Kharms

First Poem From The

Pyotr Pavlovich (entering the room):
Zdagger Upper Ooster Ooster 
I am carrying someone's elbow 
Zdagger Upper Ooster Ooster 
Where's Professor De Dispenchin? 
Zdagger Upper Ooster Ooster 
Where on Earth are office hours? 
If this little clockie dangling 
Its two weights a-reaching down 
Oldish clockie while still pending 
Flew an arc without a frown 
Zdagger Upper Ooster Ooster 
I broke down the rhythm of time 
Carabeester on a booster 
Works instead of Zdagger Upper 
Hand is stretched ever farther 
Yielding something arrow-handed 
From one minute to another 
Rushing blindly as if branded 
Right from milk-white clockface down 
Pancake's winding Ooster Ooster 
Tightly wrapped in dressing-gown 
Proudly sits the Carabeester 
He is during office seconds 
Looking into metered engine 
So the time will not be wayward 
Like Professor De Dispenchin 
Like Andrey Semyonych Zdagger 
Single-handed Zdagger Upper 
Cares for Zdagger Upper Ooster 
His lost hand adjusting aptly 
Fixing fingers with a hammer 
Zdagger Upper he is nailing 
Zdagger Upper Ooster them.