Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem A New-Years Burden of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A New-Years Burden

ALONG the grass sweet airs are blown
Our way this day in Spring.
Of all the songs that we have known
Now which one shall we sing?
Not that, my love, ah no!?
Not this, my love? why, so!?
Yet both were ours, but hours will come and go.
The grove is all a pale frail mist,
The new year sucks the sun.
Of all the kisses that we kissed
Now which shall be the one?
Not that my love, ah no!?
Not this, my love??heigh-ho
For all the sweets that all the winds can blow!
The branches cross above our eyes,
The skies are in a net:
And what's the thing beneath the skies
We two would most forget?
Not birth, my love, no, no,?
Not death, my love, no, no,?
The love once ours, but ours long hours ago.