Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem A Prayer of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A Prayer

LADY, in thy proud eyes 
There is a weary look, 
As if the spirit we know through them 
Were daunted with rebuke 
To think that the heart of man henceforth 
Is read like a read book.
Lady, in thy lifted face 
The solitude is sore; 
The true solitude follows the crowd. 
Will it be less or more 
When the words have been spoken to thee 
Which my heart is seeking for?
Lady, canst thou not guess 
The words which my thoughts seek? 
Perhaps thou deem'st them well to spurn 
And better not to speak. 
Oh thou must know my love is strong, 
Hearing my voice so weak.
Lady, ah go not thus: 
Lady, give ear again: 
Lady, oh learn from me that yet 
There may one thing remain 
Which stands not in the knowledge thou hast 
And in thy lore of men.
Lady, the darkness lasteth long 
Ere the dawn touch the skies; 
Many are the leagues of wilderness 
Till ye come where the green lies; 
Nay often betwixt doubt and doubt 
Death whispers and makes wise.
Lady, has not my thought 
Dared much? For I would be 
The ending of darkness and the dawn 
Of a new day to thee, 
And thine oasis, and thy place of rest, 
And thy time of peace, lady.