Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem After The French Liberation Of Italy of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

After The French Liberation Of Italy

AS when the last of the paid joys of love 
Has come and gone; and with a single kiss 
At length, and with one laugh of satiate bliss, 
The wearied man a minute rests above 
The wearied woman, no more urged to move 
In those long throes of longing, till they glide, 
Now lightlier clasped, each to the other's side, 
In joys past acting, not past dreaming of:?
So Europe now beneath this paramour 
Lies for a little out of use,?full oft 
Submissive to his lust, a loveless whore. 
He wakes, she sleeps, the breath falls slow and soft. 
Wait: the bought body holds a birth within, 
An harlot's child, to scourge her for her sin.