Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem Afterwards of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti


SHE opened her moist crimson lips to sing; 
And from her throat that is so white and full 
The notes leaped like a fountain. A smooth lull 
Was o'er my heart: as when?a viol?string 
Having been broken?the first musical ring 
Once over, all the rest is but a dull 
Crude dissonance, howe'er thou twist and pull 
The sundered fragments. A most weary thing 
It is within the perished heart to seek 
Pain, and not find it, but a clinging pall 
Like sleep upon the mind. The mere set plan 
Of life then comes, and grief that is not weak 
Because it has no tears. Life's all?in?all 
Was certainly at end when this began.