Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem Dawn On The Night-Journey of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Dawn On The Night-Journey

TILL dawn the wind drove round me. It is past 
And still, and leaves the air to lisp of bird, 
And to the quiet that is almost heard 
Of the new-risen day, as yet bound fast 
In the first warmth of sunrise. When the last 
Of the sun's hours to-day shall be fulfilled, 
There shall another breath of time be stilled 
For me, which now is to my senses cast 
As much beyond me as eternity, 
Unknown, kept secret. On the newborn air 
The moth quivers in silence. It is vast, 
Yea, even beyond the hills upon the sea, 
The day whose end shall give this hour as sheer 
As chaos to the irrevocable Past.