David MacDonald Ross

Here you will find the Poem The Dreamer of poet David MacDonald Ross

The Dreamer

WHO seeks the shore where dreams outpour 
 Their floods in Slumber Seas 
Lives all night long within a song 
 Of murmuring mysteries. 
Where stars are lit above the pit 
 That holds the hollow dark, 
Into their dawn he shall sail on 
 In an enchanted barque. 
He shall not fear tho? in his ear 
 The thrusting cranks of Time, 
Thro? blaze and gloom, with crash and boom, 
 Ring in tremendous rhyme, 
Beyond the cloud that doth enshroud 
 Saturn with beauteous bands, 
Where at the knees of Hyades 
 Creation claps her hands. 
He shall bow low to God and know 
 Keen sorrow and delight, 
The day?s full pride and eventide, 
 The inmost thoughts of night. 
Into their calm white waves of balm 
 His soul shall plunge and swim, 
Past silver-globed full moons unrobed 
 That float round Heaven?s rim. 
He shall bow low to God and know 
 God, and be known of Him; 
He shall surprise within the skies 
 The watching Seraphim. 
He shall be known about the Throne 
 When names are named above, 
As one redeemed through dreams he dreamed? 
 As one Beloved of Love.