Delmore Schwartz

Here you will find the Poem News Of The Gold World Of May of poet Delmore Schwartz

News Of The Gold World Of May

News of the Gold World of May in Holland Michigan:
"Wooden shoes will clatter again
 on freshly scrubbed streets--"

The tulip will arise and reign again from awnings and
 of all colors and forms
 its vine, verve and valentine curves

 upon the city streets, the public grounds 
 and private lawns
 (wherever it is conceivable
 that a bulb might take root
 and the two lips, softly curved, come up 
 possessed by the skilled love and will of a ballerina.)

The citizens will dance in folk dances.
 They will thump, they will pump, 
 thudding and shoving 
 elbow and thigh, 
 bumping and laughing, like barrels and bells.

Vast fields of tulips in full bloom,
 the reproduction of a miniature Dutch village, 
 part of a gigantic flower show.