Edmund Blunden

Here you will find the Poem The Survival of poet Edmund Blunden

The Survival

To-day?s house makes to-morrow?s road;
I knew these heaps of stone
When they were walls of grace and might,
The country?s honour, art?s delight
That over fountain?d silence show?d
Fame?s final bastion.
Inheritance has found fresh work,
Disunion union breeds;
Beauty the strong, its difference lost,
Has matter fit for flood and frost.
Here?s the true blood that will not shirk
Life?s new-commanding needs.
With curious costly zeal, O man,
Raise orrery and ode;
How shines your tower, the only one
Of that especial site and stone!
And even the dream?s confusion can
Sustain to-morrow?s road.