Edwin Arlington Robinson

Here you will find the Poem Monadnock through the Trees of poet Edwin Arlington Robinson

Monadnock through the Trees

Before there was in Egypt any sound 
Of those who reared a more prodigious means 
For the self-heavy sleep of kings and queens 
Than hitherto had mocked the most renowned,? 
Unvisioned here and waiting to be found,
Alone, amid remote and older scenes, 
You loomed above ancestral evergreens 
Before there were the first of us around. 

And when the last of us, if we know how, 
See farther from ourselves than we do now,
Assured with other sight than heretofore 
That we have done our mortal best and worst,? 
Your calm will be the same as when the first 
Assyrians went howling south to war.