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Edwin James Brady

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  • Time Period1869 - 1952
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Poet Biography

Details on E J Brady are proving hard to find. However he is one of the three* men who helped to save Henry Lawsons's life in 1910 and to also help him financially, after a failed suicide attempt.

(John le gay Brereton and George Robertson)

At 22 became the Secretary of "The May Day Post", a socialist reform journal which later became the publication for the Australian labor Party.

Good friend and corespondant the the first Australian Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton

E. J. Brady established a writers and artists camp at Captain's Point in Mallacoota (1909). Brady continued to live in the area until his death in 1952. During that time he was visited by Henry Lawson (who came to the area to recover from alcoholism in early 1910), Katherine Susannah Prichard and the playwright Louis Esson. All wrote passionately and romantically about Mallacoota and the lakes although none compare to Brady¹s description of the local sunset:

'I have never seen anything in Australia to equal some sunsets that have held me spellbound in Mallacoota. Picture a perfectly still sheet of water, three or four miles in width, with a number of little islets clustered in one corner, covered by green coast-currant and honeysuckle, with billowing ranges at the opposite margin; the Pacific Ocean spreading its blue floors eastward, and purple hills and peaks over in the west, where the sun is radiating bands of colour towards the zenith, green, blue, vermilion, and a hundred intermediate shades of rose and yellow!