Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

Here you will find the Poem Worn Out of poet Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

Worn Out

Thy strong arms are around me, love 
My head is on thy breast; 
Low words of comfort come from thee 
Yet my soul has no rest.

For I am but a startled thing 
Nor can I ever be 
Aught save a bird whose broken wing 
Must fly away from thee.

I cannot give to thee the love 
I gave so long ago, 
The love that turned and struck me down 
Amid the blinding snow.

I can but give a failing heart 
And weary eyes of pain, 
A faded mouth that cannot smile 
And may not laugh again.

Yet keep thine arms around me, love, 
Until I fall to sleep; 
Then leave me, saying no goodbye 
Lest I might wake, and weep.