Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem All That Love Asks of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox

All That Love Asks

All that I ask, 'says Love, 'is just to stand 
 And gaze, unchided, deep in thy dear eyes; 
 For in their depths lies largest Paradise. 
 Yet, if perchance one pressure of thy hand 
 Be granted me, then joy I thought complete 
 Were still more sweet. 

 'All that I ask, ' says Love, 'all that I ask, 
 Is just thy hand clasp. Could I brush thy cheek 
 As zephyrs brush a rose leaf, words are weak 
 To tell the bliss in which my soul would bask. 
 There is no language but would desecrate 
 A joy so great. 

 'All that I ask, is just one tender touch 
 Of that soft cheek. Thy pulsing palm in mine, 
 Thy dark eyes lifted in a trust divine 
 And those curled lips that tempt me overmuch 
 Turned where I may not seize the supreme bliss 
 Of one mad kiss. 

 'All that I ask, ' says Love, 'of life, of death, 
 Or of high heaven itself, is just to stand, 
 Glance melting into glance, hand twined in hand, 
 The while I drink the nectar of thy breath, 
 In one sweet kiss, but one, of all thy store, 
 I ask no more.' 

 'All that I ask'-nay, self-deceiving Love, 
 Reverse thy phrase, so thus the words may fall, 
 In place of 'all I ask, ' say, 'I ask all, ' 
 All that pertains to earth or soars above, 
 All that thou wert, art, will be, body, soul, 
 Love asks the whole.