Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem Refuted of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox


`Anticipation is sweeter than realisation.?

It may be, yet I have not found it so.
 In those first golden dreams of future fame
 I did not find such happiness as came
When toil was crowned with triumph. Now I know
My words have recognition, and will go
 Straight to some listening heart, my early aim, 
 To win the idle glory of a name, 
Pales like a candle in the noonday?s glow.

So with the deeper joys of which I dreamed: 
 Life yields more rapture than did childhood?s fancies, 
 And each year brings more pleasure than I waited.
Friendship proves truer than of old it seemed, 
 And, all beyond youth?s passion-hued romances, 
 Love is more perfect than anticipated.