Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem To Marry Or Not To Marry? of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox

To Marry Or Not To Marry?

A Girl?s Reverie

Mother says, `Be in no hurry, 
Marriage oft means care and worry.?

Auntie says, with manner grave, 
`Wife is synonym for slave.?

Father asks, in tones commanding, 
`How does Bradstreet rate his standing? ?

Sister, crooning to her twins, 
Sighs, `With marriage care begins.?

Grandma, near life?s closing days, 
Murmurs, `Sweet are girlhood?s ways.?

Maud, twice widowed (`sod and grass?) 
Looks at me and moans `Alas! ?

They are six, and I am one, 
Life for me has just begun.

They are older, calmer, wiser: 
Age should aye be youth?s adviser.

They must know ? and yet, dear me, 
When in Harry?s eyes I see

All the world of love there burning ?
On my six advisers turning, 

I make an answer, `Oh, but Harry
Is not like most men who marry.?

`Fate has offered me a prize, 
Life with love means Paradise.?

`Life without it is not worth
All the foolish joys of earth.?

So, in spite of all they say, 
I shall name the wedding day.