Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem Two Women of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Two Women

I know two women, and one is chaste
And cold as the snows on a winters waste, 
Stainless ever I act and thought
(As a man, born dumb, in speech errs not) .
But she has malice toward her kind, 
A cruel tongue and a jealous mind.
Void of pity and full of greed, 
She judges the world by her narrow creed; 
A brewer of quarrels, a breeder of hate, 
Yet she holds the key to `Society?s? Gate.

The other woman, with heart of flame, 
Went mad for a love that marred her name: 
And out of the grave of her murdered faith
She rose like a soul that has passed through death.
Her aims are noble, her pity so broad, 
It covers the world like the mercy of God.
A soother of discord, a healer of woes, 
Peace follows her footsteps wherever she goes.
The worthier life of the two, no doubt, 
And yet `Society? locks her out.