Emily Dickinson

Here you will find the Poem Bloom upon the Mountainstated of poet Emily Dickinson

Bloom upon the Mountainstated


Bloom upon the Mountain?stated?
Blameless of a Name?
Efflorescence of a Sunset?
Reproduced?the same?

Seed, had I, my Purple Sowing
Should endow the Day?
Not a Topic of a Twilight?
Show itself away?

Who for tilling?to the Mountain
Come, and disappear?
Whose be Her Renown, or fading,
Witness, is not here?

While I state?the Solemn Petals,
Far as North?and East,
Far as South and West?expanding?
Culminate?in Rest?

And the Mountain to the Evening
Fit His Countenance?
Indicating, by no Muscle?
The Experience?